Movie Production a Learning Process

I have always believed that life is a learning process. This is the reason I don’t take thing for granted. I let life play its own course on the choices I make in some aspects. Let’s take for instance how I started my career in Production I was very inspired with action films and I thought I would be good if I am to produce action movies. I was however proved wrong and I am not dis-satisfied about the choice I have made.


You would be surprised to find out that the first action flick I directed never went down too good with my senior. This however came to me as a fluke when I was to direct a comedy film. The first comedy I made was a huge hit and my boss was totally took everyone by surprise. I remember my boss Mike walk in and tell me “Harry you might want to do Action but you are a complete natural when it comes to comedy”.

So my message out here is don’t be a stickler for your own assumptions. Try things as they come by and you would definitely find something about yourself. Whether it is in your favour or not but you would definitely learn something new “which is the way ahead”.


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