Production and Creativity

Well if someone is to ask me the similarity between movie production and creativity, I would tell them that the only possibility of a similarity between the two is a producer identifies what creativity is. A producer would see directed scripts and analyse whether the audience would appreciate it and in the process perceive whether the Produce in the form of an act or movie would or would not be accepted by the audience.

Jack Sparrow

A producer has also to be very creative in which he or she would be marketing the product. For example when Pirates of the Caribbean was released some producers asked their cinema staff to dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow.  As marketing is the key to success therefore the business of Movie or Stage Show production is like a web which entangles three aspects, one being the Directed Movie, Second the Finance and third the marketing. If you take another look at all these together it adds up to a fact called creativity.

Therefore I once again say in movie production, creativity is like the most defining aspect to make a movie possible. In other words it is safe to say that Movie Production is in some way or the other Creativity at its very best.


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