Dreams to Reality

The job of a Producer is to always trust his instinct, well a producer makes you watching a show, movie, act or performance reality. A producer will have to invest firstly faith and secondly finance on any of the above. Only the appreciation of the audience will get a producer return on investment. If you were to take into account the risks involved with a movie production house you would think twice before taking the jump.

tom and jerry

To think of it Tom and Jerry would not be made possible for us to view had it not been for the trust MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) invested in it or for a matter of fact had Frank Marshall not thought of Jurassic World being close to what he deems a success, it would not be possible for us to see a block buster of that magnitude today.


I would once again say that there are many things that an individual has to keep in mind when having up movie production but if you have the courage to make Dreams to Reality don’t think twice and enter into the production business.

Stay tuned and I will share some great quotes from some very successful producers.


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