Tips to keep in mind for a Movie Production House

Why did I Selected the Production Business?

The question should have in fact not been why but how. I was into the business right since the time I saw my dad acting in his hay days. I remember he used to make my sit down and monitor him rehearsing. Even in my tender age then I used to give him valuable suggestions and conduct the process of the act. I think that was my first push into direction. Even in High School we had an act of Othello and the entire act was conducted by me, I was also very active in terms of production Financing of the shows we conducted in college.


So basically direction and eventually production was the blood that used to flow through my veins. Production is a difficult call as it requires a lot of investment and organisation. You need to make sure you have a good script and you will be able to make some return on you financial investment. A part of our job also includes finding new talent. Therefore I am connected with various acting classes and institutes in Australia.

We are also looking to start or own teaching academy and are in the process of affiliating with various institutions which excel in the same. Nicholson’s Academy which is located in Perth is one such acting class which has provided us with some very valuable talent. All I can say is that to become a successful producer you never need to let go of the basics and you always need to keep in mind that you started at the very same point at one given point of time.

This is obviously no set rule or judgement, it is just what I keep in mind and emphasise as a producer and director.


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